Elizabeth is a fantastic blend of strategist and executioner. She knows CR and she isn't afraid to share her expertise and shape a discussion. In addition to being an expert you also couldn't meet a better team player!!

Chris B. 

Corporate Senior Director

Jessica T. 

Sustainability Consultant 

Liz is one of a kind -- a uniquely positive and capable team leader and project manager. She has clear expertise in social impact work, developing CSR initiatives, building volunteer programs and crafting and executing project plans against fast-approaching deadlines. More than that, she *gets* it -- she builds trust with clients quickly and helps understand what they really need, why and by when. But her energy is what makes her such a strong team member -- she brings together people of all levels, all professional backgrounds and all interests, and really helps them shine.

Jenika M. 

National Accounts Manager 

Liz is an incredibly passionate and hard worker. She is results-driven and open to many ways of achieving a shared goal. One of the qualities I respect and admire most about her is her awareness of herself and others, and goes out of her way to make workplace environments positive. She commits herself 100% to the projects and roles she takes on (which is many!) and I am inspired by her energy and focus.

Amy W. 

Applications Support & Project Analysis 

Elizabeth is a collaborative partner and excels in her direct and respectful communication style. She is able to manage projects that involve varying departments, and bring together stakeholders for a common mission. Elizabeth is an engaging leader and brightens any work group simply by being it. She leverages her enthusiasm for the work to inspire others and build consensus. She's a great addition to any organization!

Liz created systems for supporting development work in the office, taught the rest of us what that meant through easy-to-understand presentations on how we can all help, and lead an inviting and friendly office culture that made Stand a great place to work.

Jessica H. 

Government Affairs Director

I had the great pleasure of training Liz as an organizer when she first started at Stand for Children; from "hello," I was struck by her warmth, enthusiasm, and contagious energy, and as I got to know her better, I realized that she is as authentically energetic, curious, positive, committed, and fun as she seems to be. In training, and later on in other roles in the organization, she demonstrated a strong orientation toward constant learning and improving, traits that served her well in our fast-moving organization. She is a natural facilitator, at home in both large and small groups of people, and easily commands attention and respect with her wit and charm. I am certain that she will be a tremendous contributor to any organization, and any team would be lucky to have her.

Crystal C.

Senior Talent Professional

Liz was always a pleasure to work with - very down-to-earth with a no-nonsense attitude and a great personality. She is good at both the big picture view and a detail orientation. I think her biggest asset is her willingness to roll up her sleeves and take on whatever task is in front of her, which she always does with humor and intentionality.

I definitely miss her at Stand for Children, but I know that wherever she goes next, she'll make a huge difference.

Jan J.

Founder, President, and CEO 

Sarah M. 

Talent Acquisition Professional 

In the time we were both at Stand, Liz was in a few different roles and no matter which, I was constantly impressed with the attitude that she brought to her work. It permeated the office and teams she interacted with. I always looked forward to interacting with Liz, and was (selfishly!) disappointed when she moved on!

Sarah C. 

Physical Therapist 

Elizabeth is a very hard worker, willing to go above and beyond to make sure projects are accomplished well. She is skilled at delegating tasks and managing others to maximize efficiency. She does all this with a smile and a very positive attitude!